Tour story: Czeching it out!

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Tour story: Czeching it out!

Postby TomiT14 on Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:59 pm

I could've written this in the tour thread, but since I'm a self-centered brat, I created my own thread. :2cool4u:

So, those who follow TNS on Instagram already know this, but I attended Sum 41's show in Prague, Czech Republic (or should I call it Czechia now, not sure) early this week. I actually would've wanted to attend a show earlier, but I got a flu almost every other day in January, so this was the earliest that could fit in with my work and flu schedules.

So, I booked a hotel right next to the venue, so while being bored, I could go check out how the line was forming at the door, and then go back to the hotel to stay warm. :silly: Around 4:30pm, they let in the VIPs. I wasn't one of them, but our Tomas aka gejmik was. According to him, they got to hear (note: not see) the soundcheck, where they played ANIC (forgot about the rest).

Those who don't want any spoilers about the show, stop here.

At the line I joined Zuzana aka Sju. Not sure how many people there were before us, but enough so that when we got in, the front row seemed like a challenge. This hasn't stopped me before, but this time it wasn't that easy, since the crowd didn't move much during the supporting act Paerish. The band was surprisingly good, considering that I didn't really like their songs when listening to them on Youtube before. But they were quite energetic and the songs sounded much better live. At the end of their set the crowd was a bit more relaxed, and we had made our way to maybe 3rd or 4th row. :silly:

And finally it was the time. I'd like to keep my shows spoiler-free, so I hadn't watched any live videos from Youtube since last Summer, so I had no idea how the new songs sounded, or what they were going to play. Of course I have visited TNS since, so I had some idea what was coming. (A side note: I attended the show to have a good time and to sing along to my favorite tunes, so I didn't really pay attention how they were playing or how the songs were sounding compared to the album.)

The structure of the intro was pretty much the same, except that the Metallica part had been replaced by a Beastie Boys song. That was followed by the Murder Of Crows intro. And boy, did it feel good to hear some new songs! It was a perfect start for the show, that became to be my all-time favorite. Easily.

I'm sure most of this stuff is not news to you, but to me it was an exciting surprise. The balloons during the Underclass Hero, the cryos, the crowd sitting down during We Will Rock You, the phone lights on during Walking Disaster, they were all fun additions to the show. But I was mostly blown away by the way they played a few oldies. After Motivation, I was expecting them to finish with 88, of course, but instead, they started to play a familiar yet so odd tune. Then I realized, fucking Bitter End solo! Damn!

That was already so awesome to hear, but then they played a stripped-down version of With Me, with Frank doing percussions. Sounded soo good! :silly: I thought those were to be the highlights of the show, but then they brought the piano on stage. I was expecting Pieces, but instead, Deryck started to play CRASH! What the???! I was never expecting them to play it, and there it was, my favorite slow song. And not only favorite, but that song has a special meaning to me, so it really got me emotional hearing it live. I'm so glad he played that one!

Also, I was expecting them to play P4P, that wasn't news to me. But I hadn't seen the performance itself, and it was so much fun! And part of the fun was to see how much the band enjoyed on stage, not only during P4P, but the whole show! It's difficult to pin-point a clear highlight, but With Me, Bitter End and Crash were almost too much for me in one show, haha. :glad: But seriously, now is the time to see them live. It felt like attending another band's show, this show was so much better compared to the ones on their previous tours, and I really enjoyed them too!

About the setlist, probably the best I've seen. 6 new songs is the most I've got to witness (SBM era shows had 3-5), and there were 26 songs!! Quite different from the last time I saw them in Prague in 2010, when they played two shows, the first had 16 songs and the second 13. :glad: The lack of SBM songs (only one) was a bit surprising, but I don't think there would've been any song that I would've taken away. After all they toured SBM for 3 years, so I'm more than okay with this setlist. :silly:

Here are some professional pictures I found from that show. ... togalerie/

The Setlist

1. A Murder Of Crows
2. Fake My Own Death
3. The Hell Song
4. Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
5. Goddamn I'm Dead Again
6. Underclass Hero
7. Screaming Bloody Murder
8. There Will Be Blood
9. War
10. Motivation + The Bitter End
11. Grab The Devil
12. We're All To Blame
13. Walking Disaster
14. Makes No Difference
15. With Me
16. God Save Us All (Death To POP)
17. Drum Solo
--Encore 1--
18. No Reason
19. We Will Rock You
20. Still Waiting
21. In Too Deep
--Encore 2--
22. Crash
23. Pieces
24. Welcome To Hell
25. Fat Lip
--Encore 3--
26. Pain For Pleasure
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Postby Sju on Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:59 pm

I had such a good time post-concert depression didn't kick in until Thursday. :glad: What an evening! It was fun, wild, and even emotional at times, especially War. Also my first front row experience thanks to Tomi, right in front of Dave.
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Postby UltraKolby on Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:18 am

I'm really loving there setlist now. Glad you had a good time bro!!
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